How much do you love bacon? Are you eagerly anticipating International Bacon Day, which is right around the corner on August 31?

If so, then Ford's got the car for you. Among the many graphics packages now available for the new 2014 Fiesta is a range of bacon-themed offerings. That's right, if bacon is a lifestyle for you, Ford will allow you to express it with bacon racing stripes for the hood, a "side of bacon" graphic that goes over the rear wheels, and a full-car "bacon wrap," that's exactly what it sounds like.

We're not kidding. If you want a Fiesta with ten giant strips of bacon wrapped around it, Ford will gladly sell you one. They're produced by 3M for Ford Custom Graphics. More conventional decorations are also available, from blackout hood and decklid panels to racing stripes. Stripe kits are also offered for the Mustang, Focus and F-150.

However, the Fiesta is the only Ford that can be had with a side of bacon. Check out for pricing information.